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What Is A Psychologist?

A Psychologist is a person who helps people with how they think, feel and behave. They might do this by talking to the person or to others who know the person well.

What can a Psychologist help with?

A Psychologist will help you to learn about your feelings and what you can do to feel happier. As well as talking to you, they may also use drawing and writing things down. A Psychologist will listen to you so that they can understand how you feel. They will give you advice and help to help you decide what is best. They can also work with your family or carer to help them to support you.

Why might I get support from a Psychologist?

  • You might get support from a Psychologist if you have lots of worries or often feel sad. They can also help you if you get angry or upset a lot.
  • You might get support from a Psychologist if you need help with something you are scared of or you are involved in a situation that is worrying you.
  • Sometimes you will see a Psychologist if you are having difficult thoughts or painful memories.
  • You may also get support from a Psychologist in order to help you make decisions about your future and help you to learn things.