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Enhanced Support Practitioners

What is an Enhanced Support Practitioner

The main job of an Enhanced Support Practitioner is to provide support for people who display behaviour that challenges. Their role is to work with individuals who are at risk of being admitted to a specialist inpatient hospital so that these people can stay in their home in the community.

What can an Enhanced Support Practitioner help with?

An Enhanced Support Practitioner can help you with your feelings and emotions and help you to manage your mental health in a positive way. They might check your medication is working properly and prepare and support you at appointments with specialists. An Enhanced Support Practitioner can also provide support with keeping safe in the community, developing social skills and your independence.

Why might I get support from an Enhanced Support Practitioner?

  • You might see an Enhanced Support Practitioner if you are at risk of losing your community placement including residential and/or day services because your challenging behaviour has increased or your mental health has deteriorated.
  • You are taking part in risky behaviour or are presenting as a major risk to yourself or others.
  • Your family or care provider need support in putting in place your Positive Behavioural Support Plan to help to ensure you can continue to live well in the community.