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Essex Community Offending-behaviour Service (ECOS)

Who is ECOS for?

ECOS work across the whole of Essex to provide specialist community-based support to meet the needs of adults (aged 18 and over) –

  • with a confirmed diagnosis of learning disability;


  • with a confirmed diagnosis of autism;

and who either

  • have a conviction for an offence
  • have had an allegation of offending made against them
  • are considered to be at significant risk of offending
  • present a risk of serious harm to the public

What does ECOS do?

The core function of ECOS is to reduce or safely manage the behaviour of people with a learning disability and/or autism that may put members of the public at risk, and would thereby otherwise lead to contact with the criminal justice system or admission to a secure hospital.

The work we undertake includes:

  • Forensic risk assessment and management of risk in the community to ensure public safety and the safety of the individual.
  • Delivery of offence-specific therapeutic interventions (e.g. to prevent sexual/violent offences).
  • Case management of the most complex cases.
  • Support, training and consultancy to other teams, organisations and care providers to ensure that the needs of this population are being met.
  • In-reach support to achieve smooth and effective discharge from secure inpatient settings to the community.