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Occupational Therapists

What is an Occupational Therapist?

An Occupational Therapist’s main job is to work with you to achieve as much as you can for yourself and to get the most of out of life. They will find out how you manage everyday activities, such as brushing your teeth, going shopping or making food and drinks. If a person needs help with activities, an Occupational Therapist might teach or practice skills with them or change their environment to make activities easier.

What can an Occupational Therapist help with?

An Occupational Therapist uses activities to improve your health. They will find out what is important to you and then find a way to help you, perhaps supporting you to learn new skills. They can provide you with some activities to help you feel ok about yourself. They might also suggest changes to your environment to make things easier for you.

Why might I get support from an Occupational Therapist?

You might get support if you need help to learn about looking after yourself, for example support with bathing, teeth cleaning, shaving or dressing.

You can get help from an Occupational Therapist to develop skills for work or college as well as day to day skills like money, cooking and road safety.

You might need to improve your confidence in certain activities or want help with feelings, behaviours and skills.

You might be finding that you are feeling different or experiencing changes in your behaviour. An Occupational Therapist will look to see if you have any sensory needs that are not being met.