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What Is A Physiotherapist?

A Physiotherapist is a person who helps someone with their posture and movement. They can help people if they have a problem walking or with falling over. A Physiotherapist can help a person to sit comfortably or help them to get a special chair or wheelchair by signposting to wheelchair services for an assessment or making a referral to Social Services regarding specialist seating. They can also help with exercises to stay mobile and comfortable.

What can a Physiotherapist help with?

A Physiotherapist can help with posture which includes referrals for specialist equipment including wheelchairs, seating, orthotics and sleep systems.

A physiotherapist can help improve movement and function. They may give you advice and exercises. They may also provide you with a walking aid.

They may recommend specific treatment sessions such as hydrotherapy.

Why might I get support from a Physiotherapist?

  • You might see a Physiotherapist if you have been falling over and hurting yourself.
  • You might get support from a Physiotherapist if you or your family or carer think you might need special footwear.
  • You might see a Physiotherapist if you need help with sitting or sleeping differently or need support with helping your body to move better.