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North Essex Learning Disability Service

Learning Disability Team

The North Essex Learning Disability Service provides assessment, treatment and therapy from a range of skilled professionals to enable specialist health interventions to be delivered in the community.

  • Your body (Physical health)
  • Daily living skills
  • Eating and Drinking
  • Medications
  • Behaviour, thoughts and feelings
  • Memory difficulties
  • Communication
  • Comfort, breathing, and how you move (we can offer postural, respiratory and mobility assessments)
  • Developing a personalised care and support plan

The service also provides specialist health input where mainstream services cannot, for example mental health monitoring, positive behaviour support and psychological therapies.

We also provide support to other services to aid their understanding of the needs of people with learning disabilities and share information to enable them to make reasonable adjustments.

How to access our services

Essex Learning Disability Partnership can support adults with a learning disability whose health needs cannot be met by other health services in Essex.

Telling us that you would like support is called a referral. A referral can be made by anyone.

You can refer via our referral page.

How to find us:

North Essex Learning Disability Service

Lexden Hospital

London Road




0333 222 5020 (option 3)

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