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How to get involved in ELDP

You may be asking yourself why you would want to become involved! Who knows?

The thing is, if you are using our services, or have done within the last couple of years, we desperately want your help because you very likely know what is good about our services and what could be better more clearly than we do. By becoming involved you can help us to make our services better for you and for others.

You could help us in a lot of different ways, including:

  • Helping us to recruit staff (in other words helping to choose the best people to work for us and you)
  • Taking part in involvement groups
  • Working with us to improve our services
  • Being part of specific projects

We are really keen to find people who use our services or family carers that want to be experts by experience.

By being an expert by experience we will pay you for the time you spend doing things like those above that help us make our services better.

If you are interested in being an expert by experience please contact Az Khan:


You can find out more about our involvement plans here.

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