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Administration Lead

Hi, my name is Shannen and I started working for HPFT in May 2019 when I was recruited into the role of PA to the Managing Director and Senior Management team for Essex learning disability services within HPFT.

I focused on developing good relationships will all members of the team as well as working with EPUT which is part of the Essex Learning Disability Partnership. I completed the Edward Jenner Leadership Programme in December 2020, which supported me in developing essential leadership skills and provided me with confidence to apply for the Administration Lead role in 2021.

I was appointed to the role of Administration Lead in May 2021.

A day in the life of an Administration Lead

There is no typical working day as an Administration Lead as the role is varied. I currently line manage a number of administration staff who I supervise on a monthly basis. There can be daily queries from the admin staff across the business unit in which I work who need to be supported on a daily basis.

I also support the 'Way in' function of ELDP which is our front door where we receive all of our new referrals. As this is a new part of the Essex Learning Disability Partnership, I am currently working on developing this, putting processes in place and working with the Senior Clinical Advisors and administration staff to help it all run smoothly. At the moment I am attending weekly referral meetings and other relevant meetings to do this.

What do you enjoy most about being an Administration Lead?

I enjoy supporting the various administration staff on a daily basis, whether that is motivating them in their current role or encouraging staff to develop additional skills in order to progress in their own career. This is rewarding to see and it makes me happy to see other people develop the same way I have.


The challenges of the role are how fast paced it can be - you need to be able to prioritise activities and tasks on a daily basis. There are a lot of different departments across the business unit in which I work and I often need information quite quickly which is why it is so important to have that good relationship with all of the teams.

As the role is very demanding and there are always lots of tasks to do, I have to make sure that I give myself deadlines so that I can achieve everything that is needed on a weekly basis.


Throughout my career with the NHS I have continually been supported by my manager, and I continue to be supported to develop new skills within my leadership role. I am proactive and will contact members of other departments or other parts of the Trust for advice and support when needed.

I am in daily contact with peer team members who are encouraging and regularly check-in to see if there is any support that I need.

Key skills and knowledge

As an Administration Lead I need to be able to communicate, influence and motivate which are essential skills to have within a leadership role. You need to be someone who is organised and be able to focus on different tasks independently as well as being confident in making your own decisions.

Future Opportunities

It is really dependent on where you would like to go in your career and what additional skills or development opportunities arise. This role could lead to Programme Manager, Contracts and Performance Manager, or a Project Manager.

What's your advice to others interested in becoming an Administration Lead?

I would suggest that if you are interested in becoming an Administration Lead, then you should look at applying for the Edward Jenner Programme or any other leadership programmes that the NHS have to offer. This supported and built my confidence and capabilities in obtaining and performing in the role.