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Join the bank

We are always looking for experienced and skilled healthcare professionals and administrators to join our bank team to help us provide high-quality care to our service users within ELDP.

We often have nursing and healthcare assistant bank work available in our inpatient units and potentially within our community teams also.

There are times when we are also looking to recruit bank receptionists and administrators.

Perhaps you are a working parent, have carer responsibilities or other commitments. Maybe you are thinking about returning to work after a break or want to adjust your work-life balance. Perhaps you’re unsure what health career to follow, or you want to sample a different role. Maybe you’re about to take a gap year and want some admin experience, or you don’t want to commit to a permanent post. Perhaps you just want to earn some extra income.

Whatever your reason for wanting to work in a convenient and flexible way, we can offer you a wide range of temporary opportunities.

If you’re interested in joining ELDP on a temporary basis, please look at our current vacancies or complete the below form and indicate the type of role that you are interested in. We'll get back to you within five working days with more information about how to join.